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Objectives, contents and instructions

Objectives of the communications. Participants

In order to encourage technical and citizen participation we are launching a call to society to contribute to sustainable urban development and environmental education in the face of global change, and especially to the study of landscape at urban and metropolitan scale, by means of participatory communications of individual citizens and groups.

Contents of the communications. Characteristics and objectives

In addition to its contribution to landscape culture and development as an element in spatial planning and as cultural, economic and social good, the International Congress focuses on studying cities with water as a key element, making emphasis on social participation.

The content of the Communications for the International Congress shall focus on studies, analysis and proposals of landscapes in any European city where water has played an important role in its genesis or still plays it in present time.

The TEyCI will display experiences of international, national, regional and local policies connected to the presence of water in landscapes, and to the protection and management of water resources with the following objectives:

  • Recognising landscapes in law as an essential component of people’s surroundings, an expression of the diversity of their shared cultural and natural heritage, and a foundation of their identity.
  • Establishing and implementing landscape policies aimed at landscape protection, management and planning through the adoption of the specific measures (set out in the Convention)
  • Establishing procedures for the participation of the general public, local and regional authorities, and other stakeholders with an interest in the definition and implementation of the landscape policies.
  • Integrating landscape into local, regional, national and international spatial and urban planning policies: cultural, environmental, agricultural, social and economic policies, as well as into any other policies with possible direct or indirect impact on landscape, and in this case, with a specific focus on policies for the management of water resources and the presence of water in the landscape.

The conclusions of the Meeting will be presented at the Meeting of the Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP), and at the next Council of Europe Conference on the implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

Instructions for the submission of a communication, poster and/or video

1. Registration
If you want to attend and/or present a communication you must register first: click here to enter the registration form. You can also contact the scientific secretariat of the TEyCI by e-mail:

2. Original nature and theme of the works
Works must be unpublished and address relevant topics related to the theme of the International Congress “Water in landscapes and water landscapes” and/or the general objectives of the TEyCI.

3. Submission of the works
Three types of works will be admitted: communications and/or posters and videos. Authors shall present a communication in order to have the option to adapt them to poster or video format.

Languages: English, French and/or Spanish
Authors interested in presenting a communication shall submit a 150-word summary (introduction, objectives and conclusions). At least four key terms in Spanish and English must be included.

Communications can include not more than three images (one file per image) in JPG format with a 300 pp resolution and A4 size for their further publication; images may include maps, charts, photos and infographics to illustrate the communication.

Submitted communication shall be drafted according to the template you can down load by clicking here.

Full texts shall be sufficiently detailed as to allow the Scientific Committee to judge the merits of the work submitted, including a description of the topic discussed, theoretical approach, methods, data and expected results.

Graphic composition required for posters is a 70 x 100 cm panel with a 300 pp resolution (JPG or PDF file) arranged vertically. The top section of the poster must show the figurative mark or logo of the TEyCI (descargar aquí).

If the poster is selected, it must be presented printed on a 1-cm thick rigid foam board-type support. It must be delivered to the technical secretariat at the beginning of the TEyCI at the time of collection of accreditations.

The requested format for videos is mp4 HD 1920 x 1080, with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

In the video is selected, it must be sent by e-mail not later than 4 March 2019 to

The subject of the e-mail shall be: “Name_Video_TEyCI”.

4. Identification of documentation

All documentation shall be identified with the reference:
22nd Council of Europe Meeting of Workshops for the implementation of the Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe and International Congress “Water, landscape and citizenship in the face of global change”.

  • Name of communication
  • Full name of author/s
  • Position
  • E-mail address
  • Contact telephone number

5. Selection of Works
The scientific committee will select the communications to be included in the International Congress Proceedings. All communications will be recorded by the rapporteurs present in the different discussion sessions of each of the Workshops.

Important dates and deadlines

3 December 2018
First newsletter Call
“TEyCI” registration opens

3 December 2018 to 29 January, 2019 (EXTENDED DATE)
Submission of abstracts

11 January 2918
Second newsletter. Abstract submission reminder.

1 February 2018
Notification to authors of accepted abstracts for submission of papers in communication format,

18 January to 18 February 2019
Submission of full communications

18 February 2018
Third and last newsletter

4 March 2019
Registration finishes (free registration but limited availability of seats)

14-16 March 2019
22nd Council of Europe Meeting of Workshops for the implementation of the Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe and International Congress “Water, landscape and citizenship in the face of Global Change”.

June 2019
Publication of the Congress Proceedings

Scientific and technical secretariat

Scientific secretariat

Technical secretariat
Questions and enquiries of the organization or on your stay during the TeyCI: +34 954 90 50 47