“Seville is implementing a new urban management model that allows its citizens to experience a comprehensive integration of city and environment, developing a new urban plan that includes its natural, social and vital features. A city that aims to become a model for the future. A green and human place.”

Juan Espadas Cejas, Mayor of Seville

Natural resources such as water, green areas, and landscape, and citizen participation are key elements in the future of cities. Seville’s features as a southern riverside city and nature reintegration are the baseline for the whole set of activities that make up the Council of Europe Meeting of Workshops for the Implementation of the Landscape Convention and the International Congress “Water, landscape and citizenship in the face of Global Change” (hereinafter TEyCI, from its acronym in Spanish). It is the framework for the actions commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Mediterranean Landscape Charter (approved in Seville in April 1992, and used by the Council of Europe as a reference for drafting a similar agreement covering the entire continent.

The city of Seville will bring together during three days national and international experts, researchers and academics working in cities, water management, and landscape design and construction, as well as organizations and associations that use and have an interest in water and green areas on a daily basis,

The TEyCI will be supported by a large number of activities to be held during the first quarter of 2019 in parallel to it, aiming at enhancing social education and awareness on the main topics addressed by the TEyCI under the theme “Water, landscape and citizenship in the face of Global Change”.